Sports Market Integration, Leverage and Empowerment System (SMILES)

SMILES is a pioneering initiative made by RDA that will drive Sport for Employment nationally and globally. We understand that as industries grow in terms of size and financial value, the demand for workers in many existing or new fields will increase. In order to be effective and useful, information must be continually updated and modified as the labour market evolves. SMILES shall work with businesses and workforce within the following sectors – Sports, Fitness, Recreation, Tourism and Events. Key functions of SMILES are:

  • To provide industry intelligence to enterprises on training and development of workforce
  • Industry Scan – it shall provide current and emerging trends in Sports, Fitness, Recreation, Tourism and Events
  • Develop Occupational Map for this sector identifying various career pathways nationally and internationally
  • Provide guidance to youth aspiring to build a career in sports and allied sectors
    • to provide information on professions and training opportunities
    • to provide information on apprenticeship opportunities
    • matching of skills and job placement
  • Develop training programs for selected job roles with a collaborative approach

To achieve this, SMILES shall:

  • Collect Data
  • Create Opportunities
  • Collaborate with community
  • Converge Participation
  • Connect to Industry & Investor
  • Consolidate Synergies


SMILES will essentially be driven by demand of skilled personnel in the Sports and Allied sectors rather than supply driven so that jobs, education and training and employment match up to develop the workforce.