Rekha Dey and Associates (RDA) was developed to bring together experts and like-minded individuals and organisations who recognize the power of sport in developing communities. RDA will be working in the space of sports skills and community development to promote sport for development. From a ‘skill’ perspective, the prime skill in sports is that of the sportsperson. However, there are not one but multiple other skills which feed into various other occupations in the sector the fulfill needs of sportspersons as well as that of common people of all age groups. Another aspect to the sports sector falls in adventure sports. Adventure sports support tourism and local economies, attracts high value customers and encourages sustainable practices. And, finally the globally emerging Sport for Development sector.

RDA through its ‘Sports Education and Employment Development (SEED)’ arm shall develop curriculums and implement vocational training programs for youth to make a meaningful and aspirational entry into the workforce. SEED’s vocational training course for ‘Fitness Trainer’ in being implemented currently. RDA through its research has identified selected job roles of high potential and will be developing resources for the same in the near future along with relevant partnerships with the industry/ employers:

Fitness Trainer Fitness
Personal Fitness Trainer Fitness
Beach Lifeguard (open water) Community Sports
Pool Lifeguard Community Sports
Kayaking and Canoeing Guide Outdoor recreation
Rafting Guide Outdoor recreation
Camp Manager Outdoor recreation
Golf Caddy Sports
Club Manager Sports Facility/ Gym
Community Sports Coach Sport for Development (SfD)
SfD Program Coordinator Sport for Development (SfD)
SfD M&E Specialist Sport for Development (SfD)
SfD Program Design and Strategy Specialist Sport for Development (SfD)