It is a modified, low-risk form of boxing designed as a vehicle to assist with the personal growth and development of people from various backgrounds and to encourage community engagement. ModBox was developed over a 5-year period and emerged from an extensive research project where members of the project team worked in direct collaboration with program participants to develop the training content, rules and concept.

The inventor of Modbox is former Boxing Australia National Coach Dr. Paul Perkins

We use specially designed low impact gloves which reduces the peak force during the public performance. Winning or losing is a secondary matter in modboxing. It basically promotes fun and enjoyment.

  • Modbox focus on Fun, Fitness, Leadership, Fair Play, Inclusiveness and Respect
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Helps prepare athletes mentally and physically
  • Can promote better performance
  • Attempts to meet the needs of each individual
  • Be safe, fun and motivating

Modbox Coach training course is divided into four parts:

Section 1: Provides an overview of the Modbox Community Course and contains the guidelines that will assist with the delivery of a quality and nationally consistent training course.

Section 2: Summarises the key requirements for presenting an effective training course and provides such useful information as the roles and responsibilities of a course presenter and the principles of adult learning.

Section 3: Outlines the individual modules for the ModBox Community course as well as a framework for the successful delivery of each unit. The activities in this section demonstrate how effective classroom and practical sessions may be conducted, but course presenters have the flexibility to modify these activities to best suit their delivery style, environment and needs of the group.

Section 4: Contains additional resources and support material for the successful delivery of the course.