Centurion University

Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM)– Elective course on Sports and Events Management for Undergraduate students

The CUTM – SEDA Program began in mid-2014 with 20 students working through an elective program as part of their studies. This was a 4 month fitness, event management and coaching program. The students were trained by two trainers from Australia, Jack McGrath and James Vietch on domains like how to deliver coaching sessions. The activities chosen were designed to be specific for the audience you have i.e. their age, understanding and perception levels, physical attributes. Students selected responded amazingly to the program and grown in confidence and ability throughout the program. The course built around the SEDA model included training in fitness, events and coaching, work placements, delivery at local schools as well as working at orphanages and slum areas. Works placements and internships were organized with a range of Industry partners in Odisha.


Program Partners