Sports Education and Employment Development (SEED)


SEED is the academic arm of RDA that specializes in developing curriculums for vocational education and training in Sports, Fitness and Recreation job roles. In collaboration with implementing partners, SEED provides knowledge support and employment linkages.

SEED is running its Gym Instructor (also referred to as Fitness Trainer, Gym trainer, Trainer or Gym Coach or Fitness coach) training course for youth seeking education and qualification to enter into Fitness industry as professionals. SEED Gym Instructor training course is spread over 12 weeks where the trainee receives theory and practical sessions. The course aims towards developing and enhancing core as well as professional skills and knowledge of the trainee.

Process: Key tasks of a trainer include setting up equipment, preparing clients for exercise and demonstrating correct exercises. Other duties may include keeping the department tidy and basic administration work. This is an activity of a routine nature in a situation of clear choice as demanded by the workplace.

Professional Knowledge: The fitness trainer should be aware of different types of exercises and use of different exercise equipment and maintenance of the equipment. The trainer should be well versed with various muscle building, fat burning techniques and with the concept of training combinations for athletes, regular and occasional users of all age groups.

Professional Skills: The fitness trainer should understand and determine best exercise combinations to advise for clients based on need and also decide if training should be terminated or altered in special circumstances. The fitness trainer should be capable to advice the client for additional physical activity along with training. The trainer should be skilled in maintaining record of private training sessions carried out and work effectively as a team with other instructors.

Core Skills: The trainer should note down the medical and fitness history of clients and fill in insurance forms etc. S/he should be able to read and understand all usage and safety manuals of machinery and equipment; communicate in a clear and polite manner with clients when receiving enquiries, clarifications or feedback; read and learn about latest developments and best practices followed within the fitness industry.

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