Fitness & Employability Skills Development through Modified Boxing for school going children and youth in India (Uttarakhand) in collaboration with University of Canberra and Boxing Australia – supported by DFAT, Government of Australia under their Asian Sports Partnerships Program


For the first time in India, an Australian form of Modified Boxing (ModBox), or the art and science of striking without being struck, was introduced to school going children and youth by way of developing ‘COMMUNITY SPORTS COACHES’. This program named Kangaroo BoxInd was supported by the Australian Government’s Asian Sports Partnerships (ASP) Program and was implemented in selected schools in Uttarakhand in collaboration with Tanjun Associate, the University of Canberra and Boxing Australia. The program implementation has taken place with the support and continuous guidance from Professor Allan Hahn, University of Canberra and Coach Dr. Paul Perkins, Boxing Australia and driven by the vision of Sumit Kumar Agarwal, Founder of Tanjun.

ModBox is an Australian sport-for-development initiative that uses a modified, low-risk form of boxing as a vehicle to assist with the personal growth and development of people from various backgrounds and to encourage community engagement. It provides opportunities for participants to demonstrate their concept of the sport and current skill level in encouraging and supportive environments. This new form of boxing caters for people of a wide range of ages. Impacts to the head and neck are prohibited and, to further promote safety, protective equipment is worn. In contests, gloves specially designed to reduce impact force are used. There is a strong focus on development of skill, speed and fitness, rather than power. Participants are prepared for regular events where the emphasis is on quality of performance and showcasing of learning as opposed to just achievement of victory. The events may include displays of technology that enables automated, real-time scoring of contests.


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