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    SPORT plays an extremely important part in human lives—whether by way of informal play with friends for fun and camaraderie or team competition as student-athletes or even when coaching young athletes or for that matter as parents whose children play organized sports and leagues. More importantly, even though one may not be a professional athlete, sports can provide her/him with a very respectable means of livelihood; in other words one could find a suitable & well-paying job across more than 120 job roles existing in this sector. We call this DEVELOPMENT THROUGH SPORT OR SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT.

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Sports Education and Employment Development (SEED)

"SEED is the academic arm of RDA that specializes in developing curriculums for vocational education and training in Sports and Fitness. In collaboration with implementing partners, SEED provides knowledge support and employment linkages to build a promising career for trainees. SEED FITNESS TRAINER (also referred to as Fitness Instructor, Gym Instructor or Gym Trainer) course is for youth seeking education and qualification to enter into Fitness industry as professionals. SEED Fitness Trainer course is spread over 12 weeks where the trainee receives theory and practical sessions along with on-the-job training and final placement opportunities.
  • About the Course

    SEED Fitness Trainer course curriculum is developed by RDA and Australian experts. RDA has worked extensively in development of Qualification Packs/ National Occupational Standards for vocational education and training in Fitness and Sports.

  • NIIT Certification

    SEED Fitness Trainer Course is combined with NIIT Certified courses on Personality Development, Spoken English and IT Training.

  • Supported by HCL Foundation

    SEED Fitness Trainer Course is supported by HCL Foundation through its collaboration with implementation partner ‘Prayatna’.

Meet The Team

SEED Course trainers are leading, instructing and motivating trainees to become successful professionals of value to the Fitness Industry

Dr. Tarun Kumar

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Manisha Bagoriya

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Srijeeta Saha

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